‘There is more recognition now that things are changing, but not because there is a political move to do it. It is simply a result of the information being there. Our survival won’t depend on political or economic systems. It’s going to depend on the courage of the individual to speak the truth, and to speak it lovingly and not destructively. It’s saying what you really know and feel is the truth, in all directions. Our greatest vulnerability lies in the amount of misinformation and misconditioning of humanity. I’ve found the educations systems are full of it. You have to examine each word and ask yourself, “Is that the right word for that?” — the integrity and the courage of the individual to speak his [or her] own truth and not to go along with the crowd, yet not making others seem ignorant. After a while, if enough human beings are doing it, then everybody will start going in the right direction.’   

R. B. Fuller, Norie Huddle interview (1981)

On the gravestone of Richard ‘Buckminster’ Fuller (1895-1983), reads the quotation, ‘CALL ME TRIMTAB.’     

R.B. Fuller worked for the US Navy in the 1920’s and the idea of a trimtab clearly never left him.

A trimtab is the small-rudder on a much larger rudder, used by huge naval ships to steer the massive weight of the ship against the even greater weight of water.

It employs the scientific principle of leverage to move a big rudder — meters high –, against itself.

It does this by employing what Fuller called a ‘metaphysical principle,’ the scientific generalisation of ‘leverage’, known already for two-and-a-half thousand years, to achieve a great task with relatively little energy. 

As a mathematican Fuller grounded his work of fifty years in his two volume publication of ‘Synergetics I & II’ (1975, 1979).

Synergetics is now changing the world as the artifical intelligence (AI) industries start to get to grips with it.

Yet far more significant, Fuller claimed to have discovered ‘nature’s measurement system’ using the 60 degree spherical ‘synergetic’ geometry he invented.

As the scientists and mathematicians of the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) start to trimtab our world, citizens can take Fuller’s ideas and use them for common purpose, to create their own conceptions and evaluations.

Perhaps starting  with the free resource here?  

Remember, we are all trimtabs for a better world.