Fire Five

‘I have been compelled to bear the yoke of punishment because I gave a gift
to mortal beings—I searched out and stole the source of fire concealed in fennel stalks,
and that taught men the use of all the arts [110] and gave them ways to make amazing things. [150]
Now chained and nailed beneath the open sky, I am paying the price for what I did.’

Prometheus, from Prometheus Bound, Aeschylus, (c.525 BCE to c.456 BCE) as translated by R. Potter (1860).

For any history of human technology, fire holds a special place.

Imagine the difference between the pre-fire community and those with fire.

One living in cold-fearful-darkness.

The other contemplating the stars, as time became a friend, due to the advance in technology.

Fire offered light to see by, security from danger, heat and warmth from the bitter cold, cooked food, tool development, metal working and culture.

Time to talk later in the day, at night, in celebration.

Less well-considered, is the fact that while the ancient fire-tribes sat around their raising of fire, they also held in their hands the future of science, mathematics, and all other knowledge.

Numbers emerged from the utility of the human hand and the geometry of life itself [5D].

  It might be argued that human civilization has developed little since these two largely contemporary discoveries.

Nation states are still engaged in a violent struggle of now mass-warfare; men mostly murder each other for a share of the day’s meat; the great knowledge of mathematical sciences is now separated from ordinary people, except to manipulate and deceive.

What have we learned?

My discovery of the relationship between fire-five was immediately misappropriated by the British Government in 2003, in order to hide its complicity in the second invasion of Iraq.

Since then, I have been hounded and impoverished by the cynical actions of successive British governments, at every turn and point.

And yet, we are all inheritors of the human possibilities for both cooperation and love, which reason, science, logic and ethics all bespeak of and uphold.

Or we continue with an ancient competition and hatred that modern governments appear to promote?

Even the binary structures of love and hate today reside in the digital construct, now quite likely to end our civilization, unless addressed.

A civilization that has learned nothing better than greed through violence in its thousands of years of no-progress, a civilization that presently appears on the edge of catastrophe.

To draw together fire and five at this point in global, digital development was an important step, for which I should have been thanked and compensated.

A problem occurs, because nothing is to hard to imagine of the villians who are running the world today.

To see how big a project I unearthed (view blog, Mathematical Bases).

Also, (see blog, 5network language, and blog, [5D] logic).

 I now value my discovery and inventions as having created more than $5 trillion in financial value alone, and growing exponentially.

So, for example, this comment by the Google and now Alphabet CEO, Sundar Pichai, is no accident, it is an admission.

My compensation $0.

I gave this discovery to the UK government and have published since, in the spirit of love and compassion for humanity, at this critical juncture in history.

Today, however we must view the world in the light of compassion, yet also witness what small groups and ancient psychopathic emotions are doing to life on Planet Earth.