Dr Wen says…





I see more evil in politics and religion than anywhere else.  And religious states run by madmen with atomic bombs, actually threaten the whole of human civilization.


If God is GOOD and the Devil is EVIL, why don’t we just do away with the old ghostly concepts and admit that there is good and evil in the world?


‘Consider this thought experiment. Or in the language of communication ethics a visualisation excercise. Imagine yourself in deep-space. Wrapped in darkness except a few pinholes of light from far-away stars. Now imagine you are warm, and naked if you don’t mind feeling that way? Float, glide, do yoga or meditate, whatever you enjoy. Now consider the question, are you communicating. Certainly, for this excercise, no other person is involved, but are you communicating? Plato called the voice in our heads, ‘the dialogue of the self’, which nicely sums up the point. You are a Universal, energetic, interactive, biological, Earth-Being and your communication interaction exists on multiple scales. At least the Stella, the Solar, the Gaia, the Bio and the Nano.Who knows what you are actually doing? Except its beautiful, complex and multidimensional. Enjoy life.’


‘Divine Pythagoras made one mis-definition. What he described as philosophy is not ‘love of wisdom’ it’s more like ‘a love of life  through learning.’ 

‘Philolife’, or ‘Philozōḗ?’, or ‘Philobíos? or Philogia?”


‘Don’t second guess people, don’t look into the mind of another. It’s our one, truly private property.’


‘Think as if your every thought were writ in fire upon the sky; for so in truth it is.’ (adapted from Mikha’il Na’ima, 1948)


‘Use your imagination. It’s your greatest gift, tool and power.’


‘Don’t use the word ‘hate,’ my foster mother told me, ‘there’s enough hate in the world already’ (KMB, 1916-1999).


‘What is the opportunity for feminine design? A new age perhaps?’


‘Everything made by [man] is designed. Nature is the ultimate designer.’


‘No one is perfect, not even me.’


‘There are no individuals in Universe. Individuality is the Law of Nature.’


‘Convivus – living life for the betterment of all.’


‘It is hard not to hear a religious insight, then to consider, would it not be better-stated, spiritually?’


‘Rejoice, science is catching-up with the Universe.’


‘If time is the key parameter for life… then relax… enjoy your time.’


‘The principle of synergy is the scientific basis for love… so love more and love better, it’s only science.’


‘Never kill time… never kill anything… especially the hope of eternal youth.’


‘Small steps take great mountains.’


‘Unknown journeys are longer.’


‘We are all Dr Wens, relativity tells us so.’ 

‘Who knows, who, Who is?’

‘Dr Wen, friend of Dr Who… but Wen is better at logic!’