Global Catastrophic Risks (GCR)

Global Catastrophic Risks

‘History shows that, only when the leaders of the world’s great power structures have become convinced that their power structures are in danger of being destroyed, have the gargantuanly large, adequate funds been appropriated for accomplishing the necessary epoch-opening new technologies.’ R.B. Fuller, 1981, xx.

There is something appauling about global governance today.

A sort of wilful ignorance by those charged with responsibility for influential public institutions, playing fiddle while Rome, or the entire Planet Earth, burns.

The reasons are not hard to fathom.

On one hand the arrogance of their training which has instructed them that some are better than others, and they are the some.

On the other, jobs, prestige and income, sometimes vast amounts, all depend on them towing-the-line, not-stepping-out-of-place, not-fighting-the-system, and generally biding-their-time, in order to retire in luxurious splendor, or comfortable ease.

Their children’s futures hardly matter.

Their arrogance holds probably because their elite education and careers are so important to their self and social image.

However, there is another deep cause of their failure.

Their actual lack of competency in creative or critical thinking.

Their dependency on yesterday’s inadequate solutions to solve problems that are too big for their second-hand models.

The results are all around and prove the point.

Politics has failed, economics has failed, national governments have failed, armies, business, technologists and religions have failed.

Still, they continue to take resources from alternatives that might offer solutions, not window-dressing.

No longer is this anthropomorphic model of some-at-the-top and the rest just-do-what -you-are-told, viable.

The failures of global-national governance today are profound.

Change is here. Open up.

Make ALL organisations transparent, multilevel-citizen inclusive learning networks.

Share the journey, the resources, the data and the risks. or else we are all lost.

Including your families, their families and familes of life everywhere.