Communication Physics

A great change is underway in human affairs.

Our opportunity is to create the world’s first global civilization, aided by our time-defining digital technologies.

This same opportunity is driving a new transdisciplinary inquiry into the physics of communication.

Communication is the mode of life enacted via human culture, while physics is world culture’s clearest mathematical science.

Communication is actually the metaphysics of life, counterpoint to the physics of our Universe.

Within the Universe, life is a communicative interaction that gives science, physics and all other human affairs their purpose.

Today, communication is recast as a ‘a logic of interaction’ between the life forms.

Although, primarily a study of human communication, employed by every citizen to evaluate all life, on behalf of speechless life itself.

Multiple human cultures share the same fundamental human temporalities, the life energy of time.

Again, our metaphysics gives purpose to our physics and science of inquiry, including all people in its perspectives and calculations in this time, our time, timeless time.

Life is time, as  we all recognise.

The timeless moment begins communication in the values of life.

Our timeless values unite us, or we stay divided.

If we stay living in the past, our new global civilization is likely to burn itself out in short-time.

Simply, through a lack of common understanding of the values of life and time.

It is actually in this symbiosis, this connection between communicative life forms, that the great scientific principle of ‘synergy’ resides.

Synergy, is a principle of communication grounded in the foundational physics of the Universe.

In relation to communication, synergy describes the integrating behaviour recognisable between, within and across all human communities.

The great mathematician and engineer, R. B. Fuller (1895-1983), used a similar language to make the same point:

´By and large the function of life on the planet is designed to be syntropic—to impound the radiation, conserve it, and use it to produce further syntropic functioning in overall support of the syntropic integrity of eternally regenerative Universe. The tendencies of many human beings—wanting to cultivate the soil, to care for the animals, the drive of artists to create, of artisans to build, of inventors to invent and develop time- & troublesavers for others—are all manifests of the designed-in syntropic propensities of humans. The generous, compassionate propensity of humans is primarily syntropic. The selfish are “entropic.” In order to keep Universe regenerative nature has placed human beings on this planet for their syntropic functioning.’  R.B. Fuller, 1981, p.276.

Sensemaking together, not thinking alone, via the life-affirming acting and valuing of communication, underpinned by a new science of communication, reintroduces the powerful dimension of timeless inquiry.

The moment of communication is always critical, because it defines us each at every point in time. We change, we move, we build and die, but we always communicate, until our last.

So too, we are all victims of endless miscommunication, at all scales. Our own communication, our social interactions and centrally now, through the turbo-charged ‘ether’ of our present ‘media-information’ construct.

This hyper-domain is now diminishing our ability to make sense. Alone and/or together, as it fragments what we take for granted, what is important beyond our everyday survival, what we can agree?

‘Information pollution’ (Fuller, 1975) is quite clearly a substantial threat to the world’s first digital civilization, and arguably, time is running out to make sense of this mass communicative problem.

Added to a Universal complexity that mediated misinformation reintroduces as an aspect of communication physics, is the dark knowledge that the corrupt and the violent hide behind this misinformation, with the purpose of securing their own wealth and power.

Perhaps, what is new today, is that these old communicative behaviours – selfishness, greed, misanthropy, misogyny, will-to-power – are likely to end life on Earth, because of the digital scale of their consequences.

In response, a new science of communication physics, combining human imagination with methodological investigation, offers every citizen a grounding standpoint and tools, with which to move themselves beyond an outdated paradigm of corruption and misinformation.

Yet science itself is also changing. Twentieth century science [5D] upended the comfortable illusions of traditional knowledge, defined by the notion of a singular, unchanging or Universal reality [3D].

Although, deep seated prejudices remain baked into typical or traditional worldviews, held even by scientists themselves.

One of these misconceptions is the determination by physicists and mathematicians that while a multidimensional Universe was useful for their calculations, it could safely be ignored by others.

As another century unfolds, overtaken by militarism & financialism [5D], the question of time joins the question of communication through multidimensional calculation.

Einstein’s relativity introduced the connection between time and space, and between the time-motion of separate entities.

This breakthrough actually created a new measure of time – the traditional clock of Newton, singular in its trajectory (diachrony) – was joined by the multiple centres of relativity, each with their own time-signature (synchrony). 

A new 21st century global civilization is quite capable of deconstructing the old and rebuilding anew, in real-time, now, using scientifically valid, multidimensional communicative tools to re-examine the traditional frameworks of human knowledge.

This digitally connected, ‘human-centred’ life revolution can overturn methods of control that have limited and restricted human emancipation since the beginning of civilization [5D].

No longer a small elite controlling all avenues of power, finance and regulation.

Rather the freedom of billions of world citizens to redesign the meaning and structures of life-support for themselves. Reconnected by distributed network technologies which show elites for what they are: old factions of wealth and power that can be sidelined without violence.

Even today, the groundworks for this awakening suggests the design of multipolar, synchronic networks, measured within and between multiple community-individual ‘timepoints’ to describe a dynamic model of a new network society.

While this model rises against an ingrained model of traditional-singular time, which denies multiple pathways and insists on a restricted unilinear model of time, life, reason and authority.

However, as scientists are increasingly concerned with multiple dimensions and different venues for, or applications of time – communication theory – this backward-looking model of traditional reason [3D] is fragmenting into the past.

It is impossible for a few, small-groups of political, financial or military experts to oversee and organise a planet of Earth’s size, when intelligence is required at all points of the system.

And because this intelligence requires to have integrity.

To literally clean the outdated models of an outdated human construct in order for the majority of life-forms, and people, to survive, even to the next fifty years.

In communication physics, three domains of time are posited:

1) communication 2) information 3) data

each of which are further divided to emphasise how time is a property of everything, of life itself, and may never be distorted by singular power systems, or reckless individuals.

At least, not without enormous loss to the necessary integrity to assure life on Planet Earth.

A form of organic network, or syncretism, joins intelligence to life, in a new-old paradigm of care for life, all life.